Sacred Spaces 442– What was He thinking?

11 November 2014

I know that I write about this a lot.  It is my favourite theme.  It is the loudest sermon I hear on a regular basis.  So I will share it as often as I can.  Because I believe our God is readily seen outside:

I was sitting inside the building; quite enjoying the sanctity of the moment.  My weekend had been eventful.  I was recovering from a bout of sickness.  I was calm and collected in my spirit.  Then it was as if He called outside…

So I obeyed and went.  Pulled up a chair.  Coffee by my side.  I sat.  I looked.  I listened.  And I began to see:


The depth of the blue sky.
The various shades of foliage around me.
The buzzing of bees and other insects as they fed on the flowers.
Pink, purple, red and yellow flowers.
I saw a bird of prey soaring in the distance.
I heard the constant chirping of birds.

My questions still remain:

Why did God create a world with insects?
Why did He create more than one species of birds?
Why not just have one colour flower?
Have you seen what a giraffe looks like?
A seed grows into a tree.
Bees and insects help to pollinate other flowers.
There is a system so remarkable around me…
What on earth was He thinking?

His reply to me:

God is a creator God.
His very being is creative!

We are without excuse at Paul says in Romans 1: 20.  His invisible qualities can be seen everywhere.
Perhaps every time we marvel at the incredible world around us,  we would see God waving at us…
And so the sermon had been preached…  

I wanted to respond in song so I wrote these opening lines:

“Your love oh Lord”

Then I remembered a worship song using creation as source material had been written AGES ago:

Psalm 36:5-6

“Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens,
Your faithfulness to the skies.
Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains,
Your justice like the great deep.”


“Your love oh Lord reaches to the heavens” Third Day


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