Sacred Spaces 445– Christmas is more than one day

1 December 2014

Welcome to December!
Christmas begins today.
We’re on a journey to the truth. To love come down.

When we read the account of Jesus’ birth in the gospels; it takes about two pages. We only turn over one page. Then done. Finished. And that’s how we seem to treat Christmas time too. As “simple and short” as two pages.

shutterstock_113729521 (Medium)

The wise men followed a star to Jesus. That journey was not just a few hours. But in fact a few days, maybe even weeks.
Think about it; in Herod’s jealousy of another king to reign his kingdom he orders the execution of children up to 2 years old:

Why so? Maybe it was overkill! (Clearly…)
But it tells of and hints to me that the whole birth of Jesus is far more than one page of our modern bibles.

Are you with me?
So perhaps when Herod sent out his horrific decree of the murder of infants; Jesus was already a few months old?

My point is that with Christmas approaching, we need to ready ourselves.
This is a journey we take to understand and discover the beauty and love of Christ.

The wise men followed the star for a while.
The shepherds ‘followed” the good news instruction of the Angels.
So as we put up our Christmas trees and we place a star or angel on top. Let that be a practical reminder of the journey God wants you to take to the Saviour.

Ask yourselves these questions on the journey?

i) Jesus is born into the world. Where in your own your life do you need to allow His birth?
ii) There was no room in the inn for Jesus. He was shoved into the stable. Perhaps we’ve done that (or are doing that) with Jesus. We shove him to a stable. Is He asking for more room in your life; will you let Him in?
iii) There was genuine worship of baby Jesus by the shepherds and wise men. They were so excited about this love come down. What is your reaction to Jesus? How authentic have you been in your worship?

Pack your bags and hearts… its CHRISTmas time!
Regain the wonder! 🙂


“Go tell, it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is born.”


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