Sacred Spaces 447– Your Bethlehem: Inn or Stable?

Sacred Spaces 447– Your Bethlehem: Inn or Stable?

17 December 2014

It is more than likely you have heard the Christmas story before.  Jesus born in the small town of Bethlehem.  There was no room for Him in the Inn; thus His birth was in a stable.

So I ask you to make it more personal:

Jesus was born in a small town: Bethlehem.  Not very significant in its surroundings and at that time (of Jesus’ birth).

Perhaps you may feel insignificant?  You may feel unnoticed?  You may feel non-special? (Bethlehem was just a regular town.)

But take heart, as Jesus was born in a “regular” town… know that Jesus is born in “your Bethlehem”.

Jesus does notice you.  Very much so: to be birthed even into your circumstances!

And then I ask you another question:

How would you respond to this Saviour?  Are you the Inn or the Stable?  Where have you made room for Him this Christmas?

We tend to not let Him in the main house (the inn).  But rather we want to shove Him out back… in the cold… out of the way… so we don’t have “tend to Him”

And hear what He asks of us or what He tells us…

Or better still; could we let the Saviour into both venues?  The inn and the stable of our lives.

(PS.  I will take a break with writing these Sacred Spaces over the Christmas period.  See you in the New Year)

glassblock-CH055-part-of-the-inn-crowd (Medium)


“For unto us a Child is born…”


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