Sacred Spaces 449– Knowledge of God

Sacred Spaces 449– Knowledge of G0d
19 January 2015

Recently, I put this status on Facebook and it drew a lot of attention:

“I often wonder if my knowledge about God has not become my greatest stumbling block to my knowledge of God.” Henri Nouwen

People definitely resonate with the mystery of who God is.  A god that we can full define, is no god at all.
Also, our own knowledge of God, is too often influenced by our own bias, culture, experience and world view.
Then we try and share that “version” of God, with others and perhaps, we do God a disservice…

Would you agree?

Then Catherine sent me this picture of her morning devotion:

IMG-20150118-WA0000 (Medium)

That excites me!  As we get older, our picture of God gets larger, wiser and deeper.
We can always keep the mystery.  Yes we can grow up, but still keep the wonder!

I just think we need to be careful with being so radical and overly keen on telling the world about “our” God.
God is BIG enough to reveal Himself.

He may use many ways:

The Holy Scriptures
Sitting in silence
Through conversations with others
Staring out at the ocean
Out in a nature reserve
Looking from the majestic mountain peaks of the Drakensburg
He may use a well-constructed and preached sermon
He may even use a song that is not even a “worship” song (Hear the religious, gasp!)

God is not ignoring the world.  He is constantly revealing Himself.  Trust Him on that…

Have a good week, keep the wonder!


“But, who do you say I am?” Jesus

(This is my first Sacred Spaces, written as an engaged man.  Yep, I’m gonna love all these firsts…)


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