Sacred Spaces 450– Is Church like a country club?

Sacred Spaces 450– Is Church like a country club?
28 January 2015

On Saturday, Catherine’s church (St Peters) threw us a surprise engagement party.
Her church community had gathered together to celebrate with us.
My experience of small towns is that the big plus side is that they have people with the biggest hearts.

I’m a fan of community. Who isn’t really?
In any given week, I have various communities. Office staff, indoor football team, Tuesday home group and the greater church itself.

Community is God’s idea.
I think the church is at its best when it practices community.

In a good community:
– One feels noticed
– One feels cared for
– One feels connected, a place to belong
– One is challenged
– One is understood

Community should be a safe place.

My thoughts drift to the 75 year old widow who comes week in week out to each Sunday service…

She misses her husband. But the connection, the community she experiences keeps her coming back.
Or the youngster who feels unnoticed at school looks forward to coming to church where he feels known and people greet him with a smile.

Or when the grieving mom, feels like her heart has been ripped apart; she finds comfort and solace in her church community.
Or in the Sunday school community the little boy is learning good theology from a very young age about how constant and real God is.

So to all church communities. Keep doing what you are doing! Be a warm and open community.
Before ending off, I do think of one thing that is a BIG negative… and which makes the church like a country club. The over keen desire to make people who come to church; members.
And then we group church goers into members and non-members. That irks me.
Can’t someone come to church for 30 years and not do the “membership” course but still be seen as a member of the church community? I’d hope so!


“Let us not give up meeting together, as some of you are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another.” Hebrews 10: 25


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