Sacred Spaces 451– God in my inbox

Sacred Spaces 451– God in my inbox
3 February 2015

A lot of us are in the same boat (a metaphorical one, of course!)
We find ourselves quite busy.  Life seems to escape us.
From having a family, to work deadlines, to running a home, to exercise and to social engagements… we’re on the go.

Then we sit in church, and perhaps feel convicted.  I’m not having quiet times with God.  I’m not spending time with Him.  How could we sort that out?

Perhaps Mugg and Bean (a coffee shop) can help us with that?
They’ve opened ON THE MOVE stores.  So one can grab a cup of coffee on the run.
So maybe from that concept we can learn to meet God in our busyness?

Whatever job you do, some of you will have some time at a desk, checking email.
And if you’re not as your desk a lot of you, get email to your phone.

These are the daily emails I get.  You could get the same:

  • Alive 2 God (see pic)

pic 1

See their site here:

From this day’s reading, I learn that God can strengthen me.  Who doesn’t need that strength?

  • Quotemeal (see pic)

no 2

See their site here:

I learn about obedience from this quote.  Will I press on and deal with and learn from my mistakes?  How about you?

  • Thought for the Day (see pic)

pic 3

See their site here:

This is from (Mon 2nd) and from this I learn to have the sense of God’s presence wherever I am.

Why I insert these pictures and draw your attention to them is… because these daily inspirational emails definitely keep me going.

(And, no I’m not employed by them to advertise their mailing list. Haha!)  And truth be told, you may not always agree with the quote.  And that’s fine too.  As long as it gets you thinking…
So as you see, God comes to my INBOX.  He could come to yours too.  God is as near as our fingertips.

PAUSE.  Sipping on your coffee (or tea) and read a little bit of inspiration to keep you going!

“For in Him we live and move and have our being” Acts 17: 28


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