Sacred Spaces 454– Bread and Milk and…

Sacred Spaces 454– Bread and Milk and…
24 February 2015

Often this observation comes to me when I am at shops buying some groceries.
The likelihood of people buying the combination of bread and milk, is quite possible.

But add a third item, it gets less likely…

Bread, milk and cigarettes is probably the most common one I could think of.
But really, the list is endless:

Bread, milk and wine
Bread, milk and margarine
Bread, milk and a chomp (a chocolate we have here in South Africa.)
Bread, milk and a glue stick

Somehow this observation stirs something deep inside of me.
It speaks of how big this neighbourhood is, moreover, the entire world!

It’s speaks of a uniqueness of each person.
And that reminds me of how God deals and meets with each person.

Not in the same way, not with the “same three steps” or whatever terminology applies.

You are unique.
God will meet unique you.
You will be found by God.
You are understood by God too.

Stay in that truth!

glass_of_milk_and_bread_large (Medium)


“Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep”

Le Corbusier
(Lol, googling quotes on bread, was quite entertaining…)


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