Sacred Spaces 456– I saw an owl and they prayed for me

Sacred Spaces 456– I saw an owl and they prayed for me
10 March 2015



Last week Tuesday on the way to cell group (not some sort of prison thing, haha!) I pulled out my driveway and had to bring my car to a halt:

Perched above me was this Owl.  Woah!  Amazing!
God and I have this thing, He always makes me look up.
I have this theology (I’m quite passionate about):

If people aren’t noticing birds on telephone and light poles… they’re way too busy!

Baden Powell, the founder of Scouts once told his spies in the army when going ahead to scout the land, that when they needed to hide from the enemies; they should hide in trees.  Because adults hardly look up!  (A good observation, that.)


Last week Wednesday, I went to my last youth pastor’s breakfast.  Here in the highway area (Kwazulu Natal) once a month, the youth pastors meet up for a time of connecting and community.

Last week, being my last one, they prayed for me.  It was a moving time.
I felt encouraged and empowered.

Often, I have this “insecurity” that I carry with my job.   My friends, probably also think; “When is Darrel going to grow up and do a real job?”

Like youth ministry, is something trivial.  Like the things of God, are a little outdated or something…

So in that circle when they prayed for me.  I felt like I was part of something bigger.  I felt understood.  I felt like I mattered.


I’m moving in three weeks and so last week, I decided to give my couch away earlier.  Now my home is looking empty and I am sitting on my plastic chairs.  This is also a thing I do, when I leave one town to go to another.  The last few nights… I decide to live with little.

For me, I like it.  Reminds me of my roots, I guess.  (Hmm, for the record, this is the 7th town I am leaving… I guess I am a little nomadic.)


For Lent, my challenge was to read a Psalm in the morning and the evening.  The thing I noticed though… is I get so focused on the challenge.  That I forget to focus on my Maker.

I tend to rush through the Psalms not soaking in the truth and love of God.  Isn’t Lent meant to be about focus?  Focus on God… not the activity we’re giving up or taking on.

Thanks again, for hearing (reading) my rambling…


“For since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have clearly been seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” Romans 1: 20


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