Sacred Spaces 457– Things I’m going to miss

Sacred Spaces 457– Things I’m going to miss

17 March 2015

With just under two weeks left, I am filled with a sense of excitement and nostalgia and sadness as I head off to the next chapter, the new era of my life.

I am moving to a new town in a new province to start in a new church because I want to be closer to my beautiful fiancé.  I am so thrilled to find the one my soul loves J

I decided to write, in no particular order, some highlights and things I will miss:

Up in the mist

In December 2012, a few of the guys from my church went on a hike in the Berg.  We stayed two days in a particular cave.  So on the one rest day: Jethro, Shaun and I decided to climb higher.  We left our bags in the cave and just went exploring.  Doing that was incredible.  We came across a snake, witness a breath-taking view.  And we just felt so alive!  This is a definite highlight in my top 3.

  • By the river

In April 2014, we had a youth camp at Glenhaven in Underberg.  At one point, I had the teens go and sit with their bibles and camp booklets and have a quiet moment with God.  To see all of them sitting along the river, enjoying that peaceful moment; that sight will always remain imprinted on my mind.

  • Flying ants and football

I have been playing Action Soccer (Indoor) on a weekly basis.  One of the highlights of my week.  I remember a few months back approaching summer, we got to play the game surrounded by millions (literally) of flying ants ducking and diving around the massive spot lights.  I loved it!  Nature and man having a good time!

  • Castleburn

In 2013, we had 4 teenagers do confirmation.  I absolutely loved that group.  Their willingness to learn and participate.  That year for our weekend away, we went to Castleburn.  (Miencke’s family have a cottage there).  My mom came as “camp mom.”  With such a small group we had such a lovely time there.  We connected so well.  There was a serenity with that dam that the cottage was near to.  Again, like no 2 (above) seeing teens connecting with their Creator in this beautiful setting was a moving moment.  Also on that Saturday morning I remember playing putt-putt in that biting cold wind.

  • Connecting Stars

For the Confirmation class of 2013, I had my friend’s band: Connecting Stars come and play.  We ran the whole confirmation service as if we were running a: Live Late Night Talk Show.  I loved being creative like that and painting a great impression in the many people who attended that evening service.  I thank God that I have been able to express my creativity here.

  • My bicycle route

I love my bicycle.  That’s one of the many things I constantly miss of the UK.  But I have held onto that love.  Most days I have been able to cycle the short 2km route from my house to the church.  I ride along some of the road, then along a bike path and then I cross the train tracks and then I cycle some more road and then I get to the church.

I’ve loved that ride daily.  The wind in my face and the sun shining down on me.

I am glad that in the very flat Secunda, I will get to ride my bicycle daily too.

  • Springside Nature Reserve

There is a little nature reserve just around the corner from my place.  I have visited it, a few times but not enough.  However, every time there has been a tranquillity tied to the visit.  I’ve walked the paths, heard the birds chirping and have taken in the various colours of the flowers.  What a beautiful spot!

  • My cosy home

I have loved my little humble garden cottage.  It’s been a safe haven for me.  When I’ve felt peopled out.  Or when I have had a long day, I can just be in my cosy home and feel at peace and comfortable.  I will miss that little spot when I go…

  • My stoep

My little home has a little veranda.  I’ve sat many hours there, reading, soaking in the sun, sipping on coffee and having endless conversations with my mom who came to visit regularly.  When on my own, I take a cushion, place it on my door step, and sit there in the afternoon sunshine reading a book and savouring the taste of a good cup of coffee.  Blissful.

  • The Big Tree

One of the things that won me over about my church is the big tree that we have in the middle of the property.  When I first arrived, this tree was one of the motivational factors of taking the position.  Seems odd.  But for a church to protect and care for creation, that inspires me.  It’s been good to observe the tree throughout the seasons of the year.  Leaves falling, flowers blooming.  And I’ve enjoyed the lunch breaks I have in its shade.  There is just something about that tree…

  • Sneaking in for a cup of coffee (Holiday Club 2014)

I think one works well when they are able to work themselves out of their position.  We had a classic example of this with 2014’s Holiday Club.  We had trained and delegated the teenager and young adult leaders to run various aspects of the Holiday Club for children to a point, that Jade and I were able to sneak away and have a cup of coffee in the office block.  That was a highlight to see teens passionately caring and having fun with children.  And taking on leadership and other responsible roles.

  • Being an uncle

For the last three years, I’ve been blessed to be so near to my family.  Within a 50km radius.  It’s been so cool being a brother, son and then in October 2012 for the first time, an uncle.  Emily is so adorable.  I’ve loved all the memories and fun times I’ve had with my family.  Thank you Jesus!

blue-drop-drops-greece-nostalgia-favim-com-458084 nostalgia (1)

And in conclusion.  These pictures I included in this post aren’t mind but I do like how they capture nostalgia.

I will be back with Sacred Spaces, from Secunda in the beginning of April.


“For in Him we live and move and have our being” Acts 17: 28


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