Sacred Spaces 457– Loving your neighbour…

Sacred Spaces 457– Loving your neighbour…
14 April 2015

(Please note this is a journal entry.  This is my reflection, after my move from Hillcrest to Secunda.  So read this in context, please.)

I’ve heard and seen this commandment a fair bit along my faith journey.  Now, in this new town, this commandment strikes me in a different way:

“Love your neighbour as yourself.”

Does God love the +/- 47000 people of Secunda?  Of course, He does!

Love always needs to be the motivator in ministry.
In fact, love needs to be our motivation in the whole of our lives.

What is the action that brings the most love?  That should be the question that moves us.

My prayer now, is that God, grows my love for the people of Secunda.
And that will happen, but it will also take time.

I need to hear the stories of the locals.
I need to get to know them.

It’s been a week, since I’ve been here.  I’ve had time to reflect on my life and take stock of it.
I truly loved and love the people of Hillcrest.
After being there, two and a half years, I am glad that is the case.
But same as it was there, it will occur here in Secunda too.

Love takes time.
Love grows.

When I arrived in Hillcrest, I didn’t have love for them, obviously; that came in time, as I got to know them and hear their stories.

Same here, now being in Secunda.

I’m amazed at the Sovereignty of God and at the same time, His interest in all our lives!!!  It’s unbelievable (well, it feels like that.)

As, I sit here, in this small room, in this house, along a small road, in the small town of Secunda, that has roughly 47000 people (sit with that figure, try and quantify it), God truly sees me.  He loves me.

And has a rhythm and movement for my life.  Wow!
And this is just one street, in one town, in one country, in one hemisphere.


So, whatever town, you live in, know that God sees you.
But also know, that love needs to be the motivation.
God loves the people in your town:

He longs for them to know their Creator.
To know that they’re part of something far bigger!
That life is truly beautiful!



“Love your neighbour as yourself” Matthew 22: 39


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