Sacred Spaces 463– A pocket of small faith

Sacred Spaces 463– A pocket of small faith
25 May 2015

On Sunday morning, Catherine and I had the awesome of opportunity of being “one in the crowd” in a church in Polokwane – Wesley Methodist Church.
Most of my adult life; I have always be on “duty” or a “staff member” during a church service.
So this Sunday service was a welcome change.

I thought of the old adage “a pocket of small change”

And then changed it to “a pocket of small faith.”

That’s what our lives need.  On the journey, we need to keep digging into that pocket.
Moments of inspiration and encouragement and a faith “fill up” in a sense.

That’s what that church service meant to me.
I was fully present.  I soaked in the message.  I sang the old hymns with conviction.

Along your way, how do you dip into “your pocket of small faith?”


Perhaps it’s capturing a godly moment on Instagram?
Perhaps it’s sitting with a little devotional and cup of coffee?
Perhaps it’s playing a worship song on your phone and you connect with God?

Whatever it may be… make sure your pocket is NOT empty.
But have something, even just a little to keep you going…


“Then at last he came to his senses” 2 Chronicles 33: 12


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