Sacred Spaces 464– Life is not about “matching sets”

2 June 2015

Catherine and I have the most interesting household. (Don’t worry, we’re not living together, before being married!!!)
But in our flat, we have a mix and match of things that we’ve both brought into our relationship. With meeting, at a later stage in our lives; we both had many household things individually. So our crockery sets don’t match. Our bathroom mats and curtains don’t match.
(I guess our home would be a nightmare for someone with OCD. haha!)

But I absolutely LOVE IT!

Why? Because life is not really about “pretty little matching sets!”
What I like the best is our book shelf. There is no order to how our books have been laid out.
There are religious books mixed in with novels. The books aren’t in alphabetical order by title nor by author name. They’re not even categorized.


And I keep having this overwhelming sense that God is smiling at me whispering “such is life.”

You don’t need to have life all figured out.
You don’t need to have all your mess sorted.
You can come to God as you are.
You can have many questions about life and faith; yet still believe in God.

We need to STOP putting people into “orders” and “categories”
We need to stop prescribing how people must be in their lives and their approach to God.

I once heard this most profound observation about a communion rail: It’s at the rail that all of humanity are totally equal for even but a brief moment. As they kneel, receiving those remembering elements of bread and wine; they are equal to the people next to them. An accountant may be kneeling next to a beggar. A teacher may be right next to a student. A home maker, may be next to a managing director. All are equal!


“Here it comes, a beautiful collision is happening now. There seems to be no end to where You begin and there I am now You and I collide.” Dave Crowder


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