Sacred Spaces 472– Dear Jesus and Mother Nature,

4 August 2015

Dear Jesus and Mother Nature,

We live in such an incredible world.  I am fascinated and drawn in by the beauty of it all.  No sunset is the same as the day before.  And the one tomorrow will never be same as any of those in the past.  Every day as our day draws near; you “paint the sky” with a beautiful image to make us calm, remind us of who You are, and to show us beauty.

I could imagine Your thoughts: “I know you have had a difficult day at the office, or the factory or even at school.  So as your day draws to a close; look up… I’ve displayed something beautiful for you.  Bask in it.  Soak it in.”

I could go on naming the most beautiful things on Your earth; from clouds, to the ocean, to the Drakensburg mountains, to Giraffes and to little African Hoopoes…

HOWEVER, the other day, I walked through a local park.  MY heart ached as I saw all the litter scattered around.

I am so sorry.
You created us with good intentions.
But we’ve messed up badly.

We are disgusting!
We are savages!

And I even write on the behalf of unbelievers too.  Whether we believe in God or not…
We’re all guilty of messing up this earth.
We even made pathetic jokes about it: “Soweto flower” (referring to the litter around Soweto.)

I know we have lots of issues to deal with here; poverty, unemployment, education.

(I’ve heard that education will solve most of the problems. I agree mostly, but EVEN the educated throw stuff out their windows; they litter too.)

But I wish we could instil the good custodian nature of caring for this world in EVERY person!!!

Once again, I am so sorry.
I vow to continue to do my little bit.
I hope my friends and family and those I spend time with, would join me with that.
And maybe we can make a small difference for now.

I wish some pain monitor would buzz inside of each person; when they litter… maybe then… just maybe… we’d learn…

So Dear Jesus; I am so thankful for this beautiful land You’ve given us.  I know there is a handful of us; who feel the same.

When Your heart breaks and sees the mess; we also ache.

Yours sincerely,
Love Darrel

20150801_161219 (Medium)

20150801_162133 (Medium)


“Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish, birds and every living creature.” Genesis 1: 28


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