Sacred Spaces 475– “Turn if off” advice

My weekly Sacred Spaces blog brings the good advice that we should “Turn it off!”

(I posted the thought in my other blog: Of Colours and Discovery, by accident. Oops!)

Of Colours and Discovery

1 September 2015

I came across this devotional reading from Our Daily Bread recently and I really was grabbed by the lesson of it.  It seemed so obvious and yet so very impactful.

The story is humorous in a way.  I can just imagine the kid’s shocked expression on his face after that comment: “well, just turn it (the TV) off!”

Why do always need to fill our lives with “noise” and “entertainment?”
Could we not just turn some things off?
Perhaps that silence.  The lack of noise in our lives would actually be so life giving.

We don’t need to check the latest FB statuses or the latest tweets or the latest Instagram posts.
Question is; are you happy with your own company; ‘the you’ that’s not attached to gadgets and noise?

What new noises would you hear if you simply “turned it off?”
I googled some images…

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