Sacred Spaces 479– The Wonderlands (Sunlight)

5 October 2015

On Wednesday I took the 2 hour trip to Pretoria for the evening.  What I loved about the trip was the scenery.  But even more so… the soundtrack.  I was listening to Jon Foreman’s 4 EP project called: The Wonderlands

So very good!  The music.  The lyrics.  They crept into my being.  They reminded me of some things.  They convicted me of other things.  They came alive in my soul.

Really, we should actually have more church music like that.  I’d connect with God in a far better way with good songs by artists such as Jon Foreman.  I really can’t sing ‘over and over” a similar type themed song where the rhyming is so darn cheesy!  “I see Your face, it reminds me of Your grace.” Puke!

Yes, there are still dumb songs like that!  Dare I say it may even make God cringe? Haha!
Anyway, that’s not the focus of this post.


Rather the IDEA BEHIND THESE NEXT FEW POSTS is; that I wanted to sit with the song titles of each EP and just write what comes to mind.  What content I would use with the given song names.  Then I would end each post with segments of the ACTUAL lyrics from the songs that Jon Foreman penned.  Perhaps you will get some sort of encouragement from these posts:


It’s been awhile since I have been in an airport. I miss it. I like “people watching”
Wondering where they are going or if they have returned. A terminal is a place filled with many emotions. Some are sad to say goodbye. Others are so excited to leave. Adventure awaits. The child who has been travelling for years; returns. So much goes on in the Terminal.

The Mountain
I like height. But more than that; I like the views from those high places. From sitting in a ski lift in the French Alps, looking over the snow-capped mountains for miles and miles; to standing on the Amphitheatre of the Drakensburg. We do indeed live in an incredible world. When last have you experienced something breath-taking?

You don’t know how beautiful you are
Sadly, beauty, has been robbed.
People carry such low self-esteem and worth. That’s part of my struggle too.
People have “abused” others.
When I see this title; I think. If only people really knew how beautiful they are… oh how they would live so differently.
With a sense of joy and freedom.

What is your name? What are you called?
The remarkable thing about the gospel (good news) is the idea that God knows each one of us.
Perhaps, you need to hear God calling your name…

Patron Saint of Rock and Roll
I discovered the idea of “patron saint” from one of Anberlin’s songs that mention “I am the patron saint of lost causes.”
Music still moves me.
I love honest to God and life lyrics.
Don’t give me shallow! I need depth!

All of God’s children
There is a great lyrics by Blindside that states “we all know that You are there”
We hide behind science, knowledge, new age. We rebel. We fight.
We don’t want to give in. But darn it! God you are there!
I believe EVERYONE in the world BELONGS to God.
Just some have not realised it yet.
In realising, a whole new way of life is discovered.


BELOW are some LYRICS from the songs themselves!

Some folks die in offices one day at a time
They could live a hundred years
But their soul’s already dead

The Mountain
Mostly, I feel like I’m lost at sea
I believe, Lord help my unbelief

You Don’t Know How Beautiful You Are
Love surrender! (Let your walls come down)
Future gardens from all this rain
Future flowers from present pain
We’re bound together and our lives are bound to change
You don’t know how beautiful you are

I wonder if you’ll ever make it home again
Back to the childhood innocence
Of the girl on her old playground

Patron Saint Of Rock And Roll
Sometimes I feel lonely, devilish and old
As if my congregation were the bitter cold
And my hymnal feels like it’s got holes
Christ alone could save my soul

All Of God’s Children
I believe in a world that’s made clean

I believe in a world that’s made cleanJon Foreman


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