Sacred Spaces 480– The Wonderlands (Shadows)

12 October 2015

The IDEA BEHIND THESE NEXT FEW POSTS is; that I wanted to sit with the song titles of each EP and just write what comes to mind.  What content I would use with the given song names.  Then I would end each post with segments of the ACTUAL lyrics from the songs that Jon Foreman penned.  Perhaps you will get some sort of encouragement from these posts:

Ghost Machine

Hmm, hard to think of what exactly comes to mind… but some words/phrases do: Regret, auto-pilot, going through the motions.

My Coffin

Death is dealt with in many ways.  In a coffin, lies the deceased person.   But so much more than that!  There is stories, lessons, love lying there too.  I’d like to think one day, “my coffin” would carry good memories and moments for many people to share and celebrate.

Fake your own death

The title of this song intrigues me.  First thought that came to mind was the odd song by Relient K “faking my own suicide” – gosh… both titles are horrendous, really!

Good for me

What is good for me?  Seems like a selfish motive.  But not actually!  We’re taught in scripture to guard our hearts and minds.  What do you let in?  Sometimes the most corruption… we find won’t necessarily be a government, but rather the states of our inner being.  What junk do we let in?  What lies and hurt to we harbour inside?  The heart is central to our survival, both literally and spiritually.  Keep it clean.  Let in, only good things.

YOUR LOVE IS ENOUGH (click on title to hear this beautiful song)

This is the first song I listened to on the record.  Because the title grabbed my attention.  And the way it’s sung, so beautiful, the conviction and meaning in his voice.
Where ever you are in your life at the moment.  God’s love is enough!  Really it is…

Siren’s song

Sirens are linked to emergency. I like the idea that even an “emergency” has a song.  An emergency carries a message.  The thing is… do we take heed to warning, the message?

The song titles and title of this EP do seem rather dark.  But the words carry such light and hope:


BELOW are some (actual) LYRICS from the songs themselves!

Ghost Machine
Then I’ve been sprinkling the blood of most my life
On the altars of my ghost machine

My Coffin
Death is unmade
And when I lose myself I’m safe
In my coffin

Fake Your Own Death
You can fake your own death
And live it like you’ve always been too scared of living
Fake your own death
And instead of dying you might come alive

Good For Me
Are you the cure or the disease?
Are you freedom or the freeze?
I wonder if you’re good for me
Good for me

Your Love Is Enough
Your love is enough
You’re my harbour in this lonely storm
Your love
Here in my maker’s arms
I find my soul
Here in my maker’s arms
I’m finally home

Siren’s Song
Come to the sea
Come and taste me

Your love… is enoughJon Foreman


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