Sacred Spaces 481– The Wonderlands (Darkness)

19 October 2015


The IDEA BEHIND THESE NEXT FEW POSTS is; that I wanted to sit with the song titles of each EP and just write what comes to mind.  What content I would use with the given song names.  Then I would end each post with segments of the ACTUAL lyrics from the songs that Jon Foreman penned.  Perhaps you will get some sort of encouragement from these posts:


Come Home
When I see this title I hear the invitation.  Perhaps you’ve been wandering for too long.  Maybe you need to come home.  Maybe you’ve been scared to come back.  Scared that you won’t be welcomed.  Come home, dear friend.  There are loving arms waiting to embrace you…

Beautiful. Part II
This title… was on the first EP.  The fact that the message of “beauty” needs to be addressed again; speaks of its pertinence.  The selfish lustful world has stolen and damaged true beauty.  A lot of people carry a low self-image… because of that abuse the world has given.  I hope you find your redemption to how beautiful you are…

You alone
I battle with God at times.
Well, maybe I actually battle with his church.  Her actions or demands sometimes seem so primitive…
I battle with Christians.  They say and do some dumb and hurtful things…
But I won’t let go God.
There is just something about Jesus…

She said
What did she say to hurt you?
Oh how we fling out words like weapons.
Hurting and breaking down others…
Will you be aware of the word you use?
Paul spoke of using our words to bring grace to others.

Larger than life
This verse comes to mind:

“Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.” Psalm 63: 3

June & Johnny
I immediately think of Johnny Cash and June Carter.
Their story.  Their love is a great example for many.
Their love overcome all obstacles.
If you have not watched: Walk the Line (a modern portrayal of Johnny Cash’ life)
Do it!  The film will inspire you…

Inner Peace
I believe we all need some inner peace.
The world can be noisy.
The world can disrupt our centre.
We panic.
We’re at a loss for words.
But there is peace, unexplainable but so real.
Thing is, we need to simply accept it:
There is peace found in Jesus…


The song titles and title of this EP do seem rather dark.  But the words carry such light and hope:

BELOW are some (actual) LYRICS from the songs themselves!

Come Home

Won’t you come home
Back to where your heart is
This is the meaning of life
You were born for the dance not the fight

Beautiful, Pt. II

You’re so beautiful
You’re just used to being used
You’re stuck in a crucible
Of consume and consume
You’re so beautiful

You Alone

I’m giving up the ghost
I surrender any illusion of any semblance of control
You alone
Can heal my soul

She Said

I’ll be waiting for the new eyes to arrive
One breath at a time

Larger Than Life

You’re larger than life, my friend.
You’re bigger than what you’ve been
Are you running away again?

June & Johnny

And I’ll hold you all my life
Like a memory at the back of my mind

Inner Peace

How can we be ourselves
If we don’t know who we are
I’m looking for the one that made me


“I’m looking for the one that made me” Jon Foreman


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