Sacred Spaces 482– Listen to music:

This past weekend, I learnt quite a bit from the Global Leadership Summit

With various speakers taking to the stage, teaching and sharing some thoughts/lessons on leadership; the session that tugged at something in me was the Saturday morning one after the interview with Brian Houston (from Hillsong Church acclaim). Bill Hybels played a song for us.

His simple message before the song was this:


– Bill asked some prominent church and business leaders what they do when life gets too stressful or challenging for them
– The answer for most of them was: they listen to music.

There is a lesson in that? When last have you sat and listened to a whole song? When
I was younger; and had bought any album. I’d sit on my bed and listen to the whole album, going through the lyrics on the CD sleeve. That was my “new album ritual.”
I haven’t done that in ages.

It got me thinking, perhaps you, like I… need to stop and listen to music.
Who knows, maybe the advice / direction / encouragement you need is in the last stanza/verse of a song. But you need to PAUSE and BE STILL and LISTEN TO THE WHOLE song.

If you know anything about me (after a lot of these Sacred Space posts) is that music plays a pivotal role in my life.

I have decided, starting from this week. At least once, as a quiet time, I will sit with an entire song and let the lyrics soak into my soul.
So maybe you’re wondering; what bands you could get into that have some depth in their lyrics.

Here is a list of bands / artists, I have enjoyed over the last few months:

1) Jars of Clay
2) The Vocal Few
3) Rend Collective Experiment
4) Gungor
5) Anberlin
6) Switchfoot
7) Jon Foreman
8) Dustin Kensrue
9) Lifehouse
10) Aaron Gillespie


What would you add to the list?


So my song for you to sit with this week, if you need a little guidance is from Aaron Gillespie – Keep me in

“Spirit, lead me where my trust is with no borders” Hillsong


2 thoughts on “Sacred Spaces 482– Listen to music:

  1. chris mokone says:

    Hi Darrel what a lovely song. I realised on Friday that the Summit was on at Kloof and then there was a feeling of regret for not registering because there is always something to take home with those anointed speakers. Hei Broer I saw your Brother on one of the big billboard of Mr Price at Watercrest Mall. I was chaffed, tell me its him. How is ”Cat” as you say….

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