An honest interview with the church (Question 1 – What is with the singing in church?)

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(Sacred Spaces 482)

interview with the church

The Interviewer:              I’ve always wondered about the absurdity of a whole bunch of people; literally millions, all over the world at around 9am or 10am on a Sunday morning – who are all facing a certain direction (the screen upon a wall) and singing songs to an unseen God.  What’s with the singing in church?

The Church:                        Would you agree with me that MUSIC is one of the biggest ‘languages’ all over the world that transcends all races and cultures?  Why does any artist make music?  From recording an album, getting a record deal, and doing years of live shows.  (We can say, to get paid.  Yes, that’s a part of it, for sure.)  But I think for most artists; it’s about expression.  They love creating!  They love putting chords and lyrics together and then sharing it with the world.  You can’t keep a musician quiet.  Same as: Rembrandt.  Do you think he asked permission to paint?  No way!  He had a desire to express himself on a canvas.  And that’s what he did.

Same with the whole singing in church.  In the world of music, there is an entire industry labelled WORSHIP music.  (And yes, the industry side of it – can get in the way.)  But there are still loads of genuinely heart-felt songs to God that have been written.  Those musicians cannot be quiet.  They want to express their love and affection for God through singing.  So they write, they record, they share.  And then those songs are often sung all over the world.

And I totally believe in a “collective consciousness” with people all around the world.  And even in your own town and in your own church.  And so there is something so beautiful about singing heart felt lyrics together with the person next to you.  And more importantly to God.

We also experience that “community and connection” at live gigs too.  I can recall many experiences watching bands live and feeling so connected and in touch with the people around me.


The Interviewer:              Okay, I like that.  The idea of solidarity is a great thing.  However, that leads me to my next concern.  Is not a lot of the singing in church, quite predictable?


The Church:                        Yes, yes, yes.  I totally agree with you on that.  And to be honest, I am not a fan of that either.  I do wish, we’d have more “power failures” or something that would perhaps bring some more authenticity to a church gathering.  People are lazy.  They rely too much on the “words on the screen.”  Where, I am certain, a lot of them actually have better words to offer from their hearts.

 Also, the whole predictable structure of a song irks me too.  Why do all songs have to have the same structure:  “verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus, bridge, soft chorus, loud chorus?”

Grrr!  I too, wish, that predictability would leave the church more often.

Perhaps, at a gathering, you only sing a chorus of a song and then move to the next one.

If the data person, gets the words wrong; why glare at them?  Shouldn’t some of the songs we sing so often be known to you?  “Displayed words” can sometimes distract from the emotion that we should worship God with.

See you next week for question two: “Why is it important to meet each Sunday?”


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