An honest interview with the church (Question 2 – Why is it important to meet each Sunday?)

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interview with the church

An honest interview with the church:
Question 2 – Why is it important to meet each Sunday?

The Interviewer:              Why do you think it’s necessary for Christians to meet on a weekly basis?  There is lot of debate among Christians themselves about the importance of meeting regularly.  Some praise the necessity of it.  Others suggest it’s not important to go to church.  What would you say to this?

The Church:                        There is this analogy about a piece of coal (that has been shared throughout the ages) among Christian folk that serves to be quite helpful:  “One is asked… if I use some tongs to lift a single coal from a fire place and place it away from the fire; what happens to that coal?  The obvious answer is that the coal will burn out.  Lose its heat.  If one puts the coal back into the fire; it blazes up again.  Now, that is what happens to a believer and the church.  If one stays away from church for too long, they ‘lose their heat/flame,’ they lose their passion.”

As cheesy as that story can be; the analogy is still pretty good.

People need people.  We were created (designed) to be in connection with others.  We’re not meant to be in isolation from others.

There is an incredible African phrase:  “Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu – a person is a person because of people.”

We need each other.
We help each other.

Meeting on a weekly basis is just as important as most firms/organisations who would have a weekly staff meeting.  We need to keep tabs with each other.  Motivate each other.  Share the common vision.

Same in the church; we meet to learn.  To be inspired.  And even to be reminded.  A lot of us seem to have memory loss during the week.  We forget about the nearness and reality of God as the week goes by.

Another thing, for some folk, church is a great place to meet and catch up with one’s ‘church family.’

(The craziest thing, contrary to popular belief, is that church is for old folk too.  Not just, young hipsters!)

So I know of some old folk, who love coming week in and week out; just to feel connected.  To sit alongside someone during the church service.  To chat over a cup of tea.

It fills them with joy; and takes away the loneliness.

So, that, also excites me.  We do weekly services… and yes, it’s to inspire, to encourage, to teach and to help others… but also… it can alleviate the loneliness in some.  And that’s worth it too!

NEXT WEEK – Question 3 “What is with the “predictability” of the order of a service?


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