Backwards Christmas Story (Part 5) – The Answer

Over the next 5 days I will be releasing a post each day… This is the Backwards Christmas Story.  May you enjoy it. Part 5 begins below:


Backwards Christmas Story Part 5 – The Answer

Sometimes we need to start with the answer.  Jesus.  What question are You the answer for?


It’s dusty in here.  There is an awful smell.  The journey has been tough.  Both physically and mentally.

The angel said we should call our child: Jesus.

And here He is lying in my arms.  Only a few hours old.  There is peace in His eyes.  If hope was ever so tangible; it’s now in this moment.  I know it.  I feel it.

What child is this?


I’m exhausted.  I swore I’d make this year different.

But I got caught up in the rat race again.  We put up the tree at the beginning of the month.  We finished our shopping just two days ago. The roast will be ready for later.  Aaagh, we have to do our religious duty in a few minutes.

I need to hurry my hubby and the kids.  We don’t want to have to stand at the service.  Oh my, joy to the world, apparently.  But I am so tired.  ‘Peace be with you’ we habitually pass on… if I only I had some of that. 



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