Backwards Christmas Story Part 4 – The “lower class”

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Backwards Christmas Story Part 4 – The “lower class”


The sand is still warm from the sunshine spilling upon it.  It’s been another scorcher of a day.  I must admit, this time of the day is my favourite.  There is something magical about the night.  I can just be.  None of those day time judgements here.  Sometimes, I even hear their sneering whispers… “Those shepherds, they’re so filthy.  So glad I’m not one of them!”  Ironically, they will appreciate my trade; on market day, when they buy a lamb for their apparent love offering.

I look across to the few flickering lights of the nearby city.  Most of them, are now sleeping.  Out here, it’s calm.  Just me, the sheep and the stars and some of my colleagues.  Actually, scratch that!  Not colleagues, my friends.



‘Oh my God!’ Can I say that?  I don’t mean it in a blasphemous way at all… that’s the thing: God actually just visited us! I’m still shaking.  I think the ground may still be shaking too.  Well, God sent a whole choir of angels.  It was incredible!  They came to us.  They came to tell us something so amazing…


‘Good afternoon, how are you?’ I say with a smile as he pushes his trolley to my counter.  I get a nod in return.  Seriously?  He’s on his phone.  He’s shoving his items to me.  I scan them through.  This job can be so tough sometimes.  I feel like such a lesser person.  I know it’s not true.  When my daughter, sees me; when I get home.  Her face lights up.  Her smile greets me warmly.  She runs and hugs my legs.  Only three years old; and I am her heroine.  I am somebody.  Only two my hours left of this shift and then I will see her.

I like the serenity of my home; especially after a day like this in this manic Christmas spending season.  Sometimes it seems these folk are trying to buy their peace.  But I can still see the restlessness in their eyes…


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