Backwards Christmas Story Part 3 – The “religious”

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Backwards Christmas Story Part 3 – The “religious”

My name is Simeon. I’ve been working here for 28 years. I confess that my relationship with God has become about following the rituals. I wonder if I would ever see the God behind these rituals. I use to. But I got caught up in the “infrastructure” of my faith. I don’t think I’m the only one though…

I see various people in this temple on a regular basis. They bring their offerings. But it seems they have left their hearts behind. I am convinced, this is not what God had intended…


Wow! I cannot believe it. I’m humbled, I’m awed, God’s Spirit descended upon me. I can’t precisely put in into words; but in a very long time… my soul felt alive! (He chose me, so grateful)

It felt like the religion in me was dying.
I felt a peace within.
I felt Someone far greater was on the way…

I was right:
The Spirit revealed to me: I would salvation, that I would see the Saviour.
Then that young couple came in and I knew that child, Jesus was “a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to His people, Israel.”

My faith in God is seriously lacklustre. It lacks heart. I honestly feel like I’m going through the same motions week in and week out. I don’t mean the words I sing that are presented on the screen. My rare quiet times lack any inspiration. I’ve become too religious. I need a fresh perspective.


Imagine if I said that phrase with utter affection and admiration for God. I know that this is what my relationship with God lacks: A great divine romance. A dance where God leads me.

Oh, I’d love to move in a better rhythm with Our God Emmanuel; that wonderful counsellor, that prince of…


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