Backwards Christmas Story Part 2 – The “upper class”

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Backwards Christmas Story Part 2 – The “upper class”


They thought we were crazy.  Some of our ‘wise’ colleagues asked us with grave concern, “Are you really going to follow that star?”

I know.  It was a bold and bizarre move.  But there was something about that star.  It wasn’t ordinary.  It shone brighter than the others.  After all my years of research and astronomy, I knew something incredible was happening.  I was tired of the laboratory.  We were restless.  Two of my mates decided to journey with me.  We were going to follow that star.  We wanted to see where it would lead us…

The prophecies had mentioned the arrival of a new King that would bring peace.  Oh, how the country needs that.

His Kingdom is near.

He will come for all.  Poor and rich.  Even the widow and the orphan.  He will give himself as a ransom for everyone…



Stress seems to be my constant companion.  I promise, I do work efficiently.  I’ve ticked off most items on my to-do-list.  I’m grateful for the good salary I get.  But that income seems to come with worry.  I’ve lost focus.  I’m thinking of bills, insurance and Christmas gifts (my family’s list is getting more expensive.)  At night, for hours, I lie wide awake before I eventually fall asleep.  Is this what life is about?  I hope not.

I long for some serenity.  Something more…


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