An honest interview with the church (Question 4 -What is with the “reading” of things off the screen?)


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Question 4) What is with the “reading” of things off the screen?

The Interviewer:

In my occasional visits at various churches I have noticed that you church goers love reading things off the screen.  I believe, you call it: liturgy.  At times, I and many others are rather uncomfortable with reading out aloud.  Please explain the purpose of this public reading?

The Church:

You have the right term: Liturgy.

One of the formal definitions is “a fixed set of ceremonies, used during public worship in religion.”

Why does the church have it or take part in Liturgy?  My best understanding of it: is the solidarity of it.  There is something beautiful about expressing words out loud with the fellow believer next to you.  It’s a public un-ashamed declaration of some aspect of your belief.


Think about the words that many churches use just before celebrating communion.  (The whole bread and wine/grape-juice thing.)

“We are not worthy even to gather up the crumbs under Your table, but it is Your nature always to have mercy; and on that we depend.”


That line has always stayed with me.  It considers a dependence and reliance on Jesus.  It’s not an arrogant or self-made line.

Some churches will also read a “call to worship” together.  What is that you may ask?  If you think of it this way:

The people who come to church.  Who gather at that service; they’ve come from all sorts of weeks.  Some have had a good week.  Some have a terrible week.  And even though all those people stand together.  All are physically present.  But a lot are very far from that place of worship, spiritually and emotionally.  A “call to worship” helps to create cohesion as the people gather.


Sadly it takes some people at least three songs to realise that they are in church!  Crazy, but so true!

So these lines that people read out, are there to create unity, to help people focus.  And as we have discussed over the last few questions.  Worship is far more than just singing!

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