An honest interview with the church (Question 5: What is with the whole “church membership” thing?)


Question 5) What is with the whole “church membership” thing?


The Interviewer:

Why are churches so obsessed with membership?  Sometimes I feel like the membership really is about the money.  The more members they have the more money (tithe) they will get.

Some churches offer “membership courses.”

Others have a welcoming service for “newcomers / members.”  Sometimes people will even ask:  “Are they members of your church?”  The question almost sounds very territorial.

What are your thoughts on this membership thing?

The Church:

People are community driven.  People like to belong.  They long for connection.

Like a country club or sports club has membership so does the church.

THE GOOD side:

Churches like to have records of who is part of their church for a few reasons.  One being, they don’t want “members” to slip under the radar of the care of the church’s pastoral team.

In knowing who the members are – if people don’t attend for a while – the church can call them up – and see how they are doing.

One of the bigger reasons for the church is to care for its people and to see and challenge how each person is growing in their faith with God.  Having members can allow the church staff team to allocate people to various home (cell) groups or different ministries.  The ministries are there to grow the church.  And to listen to (obey) the mandate of God:  “Tell and show the world My love.”

THE BAD side:

If churches are wanting membership for money.  That breaks my heart too.  It sickens me.  I am with you on that.  The disgust of that greed.

Also if some people attend a church for many years and have never “officially joined” or are not on the “membership lists” – how dare anyone declare them not members.  Nonsense!


Jesus, never ever walked around with a clipboard – with a membership list.


All are welcome.  Even if you’re not on the books!


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