An honest interview with the Church – Question 6: Do I really need to participate (serve) in the life of the church?

QUESTION 6) Do I really need to participate (serve) in the life of the church?

interview with the church A

The Interviewer:
What’s the deal with churches always asking us to “serve”?  They’re always asking for volunteers.  They lay it on thick:  “Jesus came to serve.”  And I’ve often left a service feeling despondent or carrying a sort of “Christian guilt.”  What’s with that?  Can I not be, as Christians call it: “A pew warmer?”

The Church:
Truth is, like any other organisation or club – we do need the help.  There is a lot to “running a church.”  Also in having a group of people helping / or a committee of leaders – there will always be that sense of accountability.

The Interviewer:
But I’ve sat in church hearing the preacher saying that we must serve more.  We must help with this or that in and around the church?  But is that really serving?  The pastor and youth pastors and other church staff – they’re all being paid to serve “in the church.”  The rest of us – we’re volunteers.  We come to church – sometimes – very exhausted, from “serving” the entire week, in our workplaces!!

The Church:
Guilty as charge!  Busted!  That is indeed a wake-up call for the church.  The serving Jesus calls us to do – is that in our various areas of influence.  In our work place, in the market and in our homes.  Out in the world.  Amen!
So we apologize – if we’re laid on the “guilt” about serving in the church.  That is not on.

However, that being said.  We’re called to live in community.  Throughout the many letters of Paul, he speaks of “ONE ANOTHER”

Help one another
Love one another
Serve one another
Care for one another

In your own church context – there is always help needed.  From helping with the kids at youth / Sunday school to serving tea, to putting out the chairs, or to doing the data.  (And others I haven’t listed.)
Help is gladly accepted.  After all, the heart of the Christian Church – is community – one “big family gathering.”

So if you’re NOT TIRED – and do have the energy to help,in any way.  Please do offer.

The Interviewer:
Thank you!  That’s a far better way of asking…



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