AN HONEST INTERVIEW with the church – Question 10: Why are Christians so judgemental? I don’t want to go to church – it’s full of hypocrites!

WE have reached the final question of this INTERVIEW.

Why are Christians so judgemental?  I don’t want to go to church – it’s full of hypocrites!



The Interviewer:

There are many reasons why I don’t go to church.  It seems outdated (as I have mentioned earlier in the interview) – but the biggest reason is that the church is full of hypocrites.  Christians are so judgemental.  And I believe I am not the only one who thinks that…

The Church:

This has probably been the “biggest hurdle” of the church to deal with.  And it’s been the biggest excuse for others to not be part of one.  Jesus really did say it best in Luke 5: 31

“Jesus answered them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”

In context we see rest of the encounter:

“The Pharisees and their scribes began grumbling at His disciples, saying, “Why do you eat and drink with the tax collectors and sinners?” 31And Jesus answered and said to them, “It is not those who are well who need a physician, but those who are sick. 32″I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.”

The church is full of broken and hurting and healed and whole people all meshed into one.
The church SHOULD all ways be filled with “sinners” and people “seeming to get it right.”

God is about restoration.  If we’re honest, every person carries broken parts!

And about judgmental Christians… truth is… their ‘judging” is a part of their own brokenness and in some sad cases… a way of diverting attention from themselves to others…

I think a church full of “goodie two shoes” would be “boring” and not necessarily relevant.

Church gatherings need to be awkward and uncomfortable!

Would you agree with that statement?

So I answer the people who ask this question… with one big challenge – don’t use this as an excuse to not come to Jesus.

Because this is about far more than the church anyway.  It’s about coming to Jesus!

And then to those annoying Christian folk who keep judging.  Will you stop it, please! You’re being hurtful and downright pathetic. (Hehe, did that just sound judgemental in itself…hmm, the cycle continues.)


People are a beautiful mess.
They carry profound stories of success and brokenness at the same time.
Jesus is love and grace personified.
In a strange & difficult way to explain… God chooses to draw near, to even live inside of His people.  (People call that His Holy Spirit)
The church, by God’s mercy is a vessel He still uses to alleviate the brokenness in the world.
It’s sometimes just a building.
But at the best of times, it is a group of people changing their corner of the world…
By service, by kindness, by love
By the grace of God.

Thank you for all your questions dear Mr Interviewer…I hope my answers have helped you – even just a little.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” JR Tolkien.


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