Sacred Spaces 491– God’s not dead!

Sacred Spaces 491– God’s not dead!
16 May 2016

I watched the MOVIE recently. I was impressed. (Yes, slow on the uptake. It took two years for me to finally to watch it. I am usually very wary of Christian movies. The acting is often terrible.)

This movie was genuinely different. The acting was very good! The filming was excellent. And the script, the plot was best! I was really moved and reminded by it. Like adding another layer of concrete to my faith foundation.

Some thoughts from the movie.

People should be free to choose. It’s our free choice to choose God or not.
In the movie – the lecturer insists on dictating a “choice” upon his students. That should never be allowed.
I’m amazed at how “violent” some religions can be. There is a scene where a father hits his daughter because she has chosen to follow the Jesus faith. Seriously, did he just hit his own daughter?

In some countries, the Christian faith cannot be mentioned. How crazy is that?!
A guy in the movie broke up with his girlfriend because she had cancer. Seriously, how selfish was his decision?

I believe: selfishness is a cancer of our world today.

Then in the end, the Newsboys take to stage and rock out to the song: God’s not dead!

Good song. I like the words in the chorus:

“God’s not dead. He’s surely alive. Living on the inside. Roaring like a lion.”

I like that. Lion.
I guess, because I am from Africa.
And also because lion reminds me of Aslan.
And Aslan – CS Lewis – need I say more?

Watch the movie. If undecided see the trailer here:

“My God’s not dead. He’s surely alive. He’s living on the inside. Roaring like a lion” Newsboys


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