Sacred Spaces – A floating axe head & no sound

I came across this verse from Alive to God this morning.  And I have to share it:


From 2 Kings 6.  An unusual encounter.  A great story.  Axe heads don’t float.  But with God, all sorts of things are possible.  Perhaps you are facing a seemingly impossible situation.  Take heart.  God can make axe heads float…

So in your situation – I’m trusting He will come through for you…

On the weekend, I watched some episodes of Suits – Season 5  (study break ;).  Some of the episodes came with “subtitles” – and from that I noted something interesting:

They are there for those views who are deaf.  So in the show when there are the music bits… the subtitles describe the type of music playing:

(upbeat music)
(tense music)
(soulful music)

(I was surprised with some of the descriptions that the series came up with…)

But it got me thinking with gratitude. I am glad I can hear.
I thought further.
There are two types of deaf people. Those born deaf, or those who become deaf because of an accident or something?

I just wondered how life for both of those people must be? Those who could hear in the past. Is there a particular song or sound they’d give anything to hear again?

Those who have never known “music” – wow! Imagine that?

So, this week. Count the blessing of your hearing…

I then came across this piece from Instagram. A different angle to sound and silence:


Sound is a valuable thing.  But “noise” can be too much!

Psalm 4: 4 “Tremble, and do not sin; Meditate in your heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah.”


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