Sacred Spaces 493 – The BIG BIG world

Sacred Spaces 493 – The BIG BIG world

A lot of people had their eyes glued to the TV on Sunday watching The Comrades Marathon.
A lot of people were on the roadside cheering on the runners.
Probably thousands of people were engrossed by this massive event.

As I drove through the huge city of Johannesburg on Sunday morning,
I thought in this city of an estimate 4.3 million (and climbing) –
Some people don’t care for the Comrades…

I looked out of my window as I drove on.
That day in Joburg would be a fun event of 3000 ladies doing something called The Muddy Princess. (An event for cancer.)

On that day, just in one city (of many in this world)
There was perhaps someone lying in bed, ill.
A family of four were sharing a fun filled Sunday lunch.

An elderly man sat in his room, in the old age home, feeling alone.
A student was cramming for their exam, the next day.
There is a circus being held near one of the southern suburbs of Joburg.

Some guy was having an ice cream with his girlfriend
Someone would probably ride about 89km on their bicycle. (He wouldn’t be on the television)

Someone would lose a loved one that day.
We seriously live in a BIG BIG world.

And the mystery, yes it still is a mystery.
That somehow God sees you and me.
God sees each person.
God cares about each person.

That is the mystery. A gracious one.



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