Sacred Spaces 496 – Raw Worship

I confess this past Sunday I was a coward.

(I lacked the confidence to lead worship in our church.  It would have been just me and my guitar.  But I “heard the voices” from the past of Christian folk who said “I can’t sing” and “I can’t keep a rhythm” – isn’t it funny… how encouraging Christian people can be? (*sarcasm intended) – Anyway my negative thoughts had a field day… recalling those comments…)

So my brave wife stepped in.  She said she had a “plan B.”  I didn’t argue (much)…

Got to church… and I saw that she had loaded some songs on the church data programme. But there was no band!  And that was totally fine.

She stood up and said to the church: “We have no band but we will still sing.”  And the church did.  And you know what.

It was awkward, awful and awesome all at the same time. I loved it.
We sang out of time at times. We could hear one another. But there was a certain authenticity about that experience.
We concentrated on the words.
There was a RAWness to it.
Something so beautiful.


And you know what, God was worshiped!

It made me think of the early church.  I wondered if conversations among the disciples went like this:

John: “Who is on data duty today?”

Mary: “Is my mic loud enough?”

Peter: “Hold on, Mary please, I need to tune in Thomas’ guitar. He doubts he can hear me” (see what I did there? 😉

No! They just gathered and went with it- if someone had a testimony. they listened. if someone felt like singing, they did. regardless of how they sounded. it was the words. it was the heart that mattered.

I learnt something last Sunday. In future, I will be braver… starting this Sunday!

Matt Redman once said it well: “I’m coming back to the heart of worship.”


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