Sacred Spaces 501 – Before Breakfast…

Sometimes I just go with a thought.  I’ve been thinking about that line from Alice in Wonderland:


“…impossible things…before breakfast”

I’ve been trying my best to have more quiet times at the start of my day.  And I am beginning to see a bit of the difference it makes…

I sit with God.  Simply.  Read my devotional.  Read some scripture.  Sometimes I “chew” on the scripture; other times I just read through it.  Perhaps I’d listen to an inspirational song.  Or maybe I will sit in silence.  Sometimes I will just in the rays of the sunshine. Offer some thoughts.  Or say a prayer.  Maybe I’ll write some thoughts down.  Maybe I’ll highlight some verses.  I’ll even see my eating breakfast and sipping on my coffee as hanging out with God.

I’m not perfect.  I definitely don’t have it altogether.  Having a quiet time in the morning is not like a magical wand that makes all my issues and problems go away.  And that’s okay.

I just feel like it’s a good start to the day.  A good place from where my thoughts can begin…

Filled with gratitude, perspective and love.  And it turns out that sometimes I feel like I have done six impossible things before breakfast…




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