Sacred Spaces 502 – In my garden…

I am totally enjoying the approaching spring and the signs of life in our garden.  I made this make-shift bird feeder:


And I love seeing the birds come and visit it, every morning now, since it’s been up…
Our visitors include house sparrows, weavers and doves.
I think of this:

Jesus said “see the birds of the air” – they do not worry about the next day. They believe their Creator will look after them

And then something to the lines of “Are you not worth more than sparrows?”

Jesus knows you. Believe in that.

Then we have these Californian Poppy’s that are gracing us with their presence:


I get the privilege of seeing this beauty on our doorstep. Wow!
There is a scripture that speaks of flowers fading and withering and that God’s word stands forever. And that’s great to know. But just consider the miracle of the flower itself.

It opens to receive the sunlight.
The striking yellow colour.
I get to “share the planet” with it. Thankful.

And with both these flowers and birds, I want to say’ -> “See not all of humanity is destructive. In a time, when people litter so thoughtlessly, where “progress” pollutes the air too often…

There are still people who care to see you and to hear your song (to the birds). There are people who appreciate your beauty. There are people who still declare: We live in a beautiful world. We are thankful and will do our best to care for it. Thank you God!”

Perhaps we each can learn a few things from our garden… What do you learn from yours?


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