Sacred Spaces 503 – The hungry man and Jesus

Sacred Spaces 503 – The hungry man and Jesus

Perhaps you know that saying (or some version of it):

“A hungry man doesn’t care about Jesus until you feed him.  Deal with his hunger then perhaps he will be ready to listen.”


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Youth ministry today is far different to what it was 10 years ago.  Youth (teenagers) are growing up in a very different world.

I believe that Jesus is practical.
That His gospel (good news) is practical.

Years ago, I would run a midweek cell group for the youth. It was popular. The teenagers were keen and responsive. Now that sort of it thing often just doesn’t work.

The biggest “OPPONENT” we have actually, is busyness.
Busyness is the thief of time and “being present”.

Anyway, tonight a friend and I are going into the local hostel to teach and help some matrics with their science and maths.  We’re excited about it!  For me, this is offering a practical gospel.  Because I believe a lot of young people are thinking this:

“I’m not really concerned about your Jesus.  Right now, I am battling to pass my maths (*insert any subject).  Can He help me with that?”

“Don’t tell me I need to go and change the world.  Right now, the ‘world’ I am dealing with is hell.  (*insert brokenness, loneliness, self confidence issues, broken homes)  How can I get through that?”

What are your thoughts on this?  Do you agree?



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