Two ways to view birds (Sacred Spaces 506)

I have been blessed to stay in the Goose Valley estate in Plett over the last few days.

(GOOGLE Plettenburg Bay, if you don’t know the place.)

My aunt and uncle are blessed to have a place here.

This morning I paddled across the lagoon to the breeding ground of a local colony (flock) of Seagulls. There are at least 1000 birds sitting on the dunes or darting to and fro above.

I sat on the canoe a little way from the shore.

Now there are two ways to observe these birds:

Firstly: the residents here could see it as a “perk” or a “feature” of living here. But that surely, would be missing it, not getting it? …

Second way is filled with wonder:

We get to witness an incredible thing in nature. A wonderful and huge breeding ground.

God gives us a glimpse of something beautiful. We share this planet with such amazing natural things.

Mountains, oceans, clouds, birds, animals, sunrises and sunsets. Just to name a few…

I read this verse this morning:

“The highest heavens…cannot contain you. How much less this temple i have built.” (2 Chronicles 6:18)

I liked the accompanying question:

How would you describe your conversations with God?

We live in His incredible world…how do you take it in? 


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