Sacred Spaces 507 – I disagreed with this post:

I read this post from Our Daily Bread during the week.  The piece was entitled United in Christ.


Obviously the idea of unity is great… But I disagreed with the writer’s point of view.  (But no disrespect meant in my observation.)

The writer said that the gospels didn’t capture Matthew and Simon bickering.  But the obvious reason for that is that the gospels are limited.  Because it is not written… we cannot assume that they didn’t bicker.  That Matthew and Simon didn’t argue or have disagreements.

And you know what,  it’d be more than okay if they had occasional differences.  Because they are human.  They are fellow sinners trying to work out this following Christ life.  And sometimes they maybe got it wrong.  What is great to know that even the disciples, and many Christians today – may have conflicting views, they may get annoyed with each other… that can be expected.

But the great thing to know and learn – is that with Matthew and Simon they could look past their squabbles and look to the Messiah.  Their common ground was love for Jesus and sharing His message of love and grace.

In our modern churches we may differ… and that’s fine.  But let’s lay that down, lay that aside and meet at love.


And share the love of Christ!



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