Sacred Spaces 508 – I don’t buy it!

There are these moments were it feels like God invades our world (in a good way) at the right time.  I was driving (not sure where to) on a usual Saturday and the music played from my car stereo and then this song grabbed my attention:


For a while, I have wrestled with the idea of how a lot of Christians (many mega churches) have made Jesus a product and Christianity a marketing thing.  It’s be disheartening to see…

And this song speaks (sings) against that.  In some ways.  And it just helps me in my own journey.  And the clever line of the chorus “I don’t buy it anymore” a smart angle of singing against the market culture of Christianity.


I hope you can tune in and get to listen to this song.  Take a coffee break (if you are in an office).  use this song as part of your quiet time.  God will speak to you through it:

How do you feel about the song?  What line grabs your attention?  God is so much more than the steeple or book we contain Him in….

But I find I know less as I come to know You more.  Isn’t that just so beautiful?  There should still be a mystery to God.

Have a good week! 🙂


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