Sacred Spaces 511 – All are welcome!


A simple and powerful reminder: All are welcome!

Catherine used this image in her sermon on Sunday. It grabbed my attention.

All are welcome!
Jesus came for all of us
He came for the sinners
He came for you and me
Self righteous
Those who get it right (at times)
Those who seem to not get it right
All are welcome!

And the picture reminded me of this controversial POD song:

A real honest song. With intense lyrics to digest. A sample here:

“I am fake, fraud, phony, I’m a known liar
Anorexic, rejected object of your desire
Suicidal thoughts keep one in the chamber
I’m a turned out streetwalking heroin banger
I am a secret cutter, porn lover, the town drunkard
Next door, neighborhood slut, I’m somebody’s mother
Outcasted, arrogant, bastard son
I’m the talk of the town but this story has just begun”

(Rest of the lyrics are here: I am (POD))

* Yes there is a swear word in the song. The Christian haters may pick up their stones and start casting; but have they really read the lyrics with an open heart and understood why it was written? And from who’s perspective:

The outcasts
The whores
The hurting

Their biggest question: Will God accept me?

(That’s from where the song is sung)

And the answer is: YES!

1 John 3:16 We know what real love is because Jesus gave up His life for us.”

All are welcome!


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