Sacred Spaces 514 – Is God a fire or water??

Is God a fire to you? or is He a river?

Yesterday in church, I noticed how the songs we sung covered both themes. Water and Fire.

“O God, of burning cleansing flame… Send the fire again.”

“For it is with grace, that river flows… take us to the river.”

“Your love flows like a river”

Yesterday, the idea of God, being the living water resonated with me. It invited me in…

But some days, the whole “God is a consuming fire” drives me and invites me…

It got me thinking about the BIGNESS of God.

When we encounter God, He may be something to us, and not to another.

He may come as a

Scripture has many “descriptions” for God.
Scripture even speaks of God as a mother hen protecting her young.

Who is God to you today? This week?

What I thought… these descriptions are great for us to understand God… but all these descriptions, these names we have for Him – cannot contain Him.

Even calling God “Him” – is too limiting.

But the one thing I know for sure… is…

God is.

And that… my friends, cannot be ignored.

In light of this post’s title I include these two images:


(Our God is a consuming fire.  Could that passion (fire) be in us?  Hebrews 12: 29 reminds us of that.)

Click on the image.  It takes you to a great song! 🙂

And then image of a quiet river:


(Click on image.  Will take you to a real great blog.  The blog owner was a minister of mine when I grew up.  He has inspired me ever since.  Thank you Don!)


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