Dear Sacred Spaces reader

To whom it may concern,

I love words. I love reading. I love writing. I love expressing myself.

You may have noticed… I have posted less over the last few weeks.
This ministry (it started as that) has gone on since Oct 2004. So thats roughly just over 12 years.

I’ve always prayed and hoped it would encourage a reader or two. And for that I’m grateful.

I had the idea of writing a post each week. I’ll try to stick to that… but if i don’t, please bare with me. I’ll write and post as something comes to me…

If that’s cool with you? Not sure why I’m asking permission? 😉

The biggest compliment i got about these sacred spaces is that it’s like “church on the move.”
That has always made me smile.

Who knows one of these SS posts would land in your life at the right time.

One last thought. I’ve felt this for awhile now. Christianity has become a market place. There is always a new book out. The prices of bibles are friggen high.
There is always a new worship album.
Another popular preacher or podcast…
It’s got too noisy!

And even these Sacred Spaces could fall in the same “industry” …

Hence, the idea of “slowing down” in a sense. Not filling your feeds with clutter.

Words are powerful. But we must use them wisely. Less is (still) more.

Yours in finding sacred spaces,


PS. The God behind the market place of Christianity loves you. I hope that truth resonates deep within your soul. May it stir a warmth within you. Take heart friends.


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