The Purpose of Sacred Spaces

I started writing Sacred Spaces back in 2004 on November 24th.

I love words.  I enjoy life.  I use this blog to capture my thoughts on life, God and things in-between.

And I hope these words fall on the lives of people who need to hear (read) them at that particular time that they discover this blog:


3 thoughts on “The Purpose of Sacred Spaces

  1. youhavemyword says:

    Hey Darrel! So I came and checked it out – awesome!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Twitturgy’s at the end of each post – incredible!

    Thanks for using this platform as a means to glorify God and involve others in your journey too!


  2. Vanessa Swanepoel says:

    Hi Darrel. Read Sacred Spaces for the first time today. Love it and find it very inspiring. Thank you. Can’t wait to find more food for my soul on it and to reflect on my own journey with God. Thank you for inspiring us all. God Bless.

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