Sacred Spaces 525 – … For this day…

I noted this morning in church when a member was asked to pray for the offering… the gentleman started the prayer with “thank You Lord for this day.”

Now there is nothing wrong with that at all. But in my years in ministry (in the church or out) I’ve noted that people (myself included) when asked to pray out loud: in a service, at a meeting, on a camp or elsewhere…

We pray out that almost automated start: “thank you for this day”

(Am i the only one who has noted that?)

Now there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, i thought past the ‘automation’ of it…

And realised… what a great way. To always start a prayer. To start our every day…

Because each day is a gift. How we take that for granted so often…

This day.
This day that finds you reading this post (perhaps) is a gift.  Are you thankful for it? The very breath we breathe is a gift. All of what we experience daily is a gift. The people in our lives, our work, our victories and challenges, our meals. All of it.

Maybe we need to pause. And say thank You again.

Start off. Carry on in. End off with gratitude.

Thank you dear God for this day. Amen!


Sacred Spaces 411 – Journal Entry #?


21 January 2014

 So I am letting your peer over my shoulder as you see some thoughts in my journal.

Some comical, some deep, some random thoughts.  Take them or leave it.

index (Medium) 

I heard this lady talk about her mission trip abroad recently.  She mentioned a practice of thanking God for 5 things at the start of the each day.  Wow, that really is something so practical and beneficial to do.  Gives you a greater perspective, facing each day.

Here is what I wrote for today:

 i)          Thank you for the different colour of leaves

ii)         Thank you for my job

iii)         Thank you for inspirational music

iv)        Thank you for this cup of coffee

v)         Thank you for my limbs; that I get to jog and play indoor soccer

 What would yours be?  What five things could you list?


I went to an induction service this morning for the new chaplain at a local school.  A few times, during the service I heard mentioned “Methodist this” or “Methodist that”

To be honest.  I was annoyed by that.  Why are we as Christians so territorial?


Which reminds me of an awesome sermon my minister preached on Sunday.  He spoke of how Jesus invited the disciples; to simply: FOLLOW.

That’s it!

How often we as Christians add a stipulation to that invitation.  We say “Follow what I believe” / “Follow my understanding of this and that.

 We so easily want to throw a belief system on people; when Jesus himself didn’t say; Come and believe.  He said “come and follow”

There is something far less invasive and presumptuous about that invite.  Would you agree?

 Because in FOLLOWING Jesus, in time our belief of Him, will be birthed anyway…


Back to the school: It was beautiful to hear the entire boy’s school belting (singing really loudly and enthusiastically) it out as we sang hymns accompanied by a pipe organ!  Wow!

So there are some of my thoughts.  Care to share what you have been thinking about over the last few days?

 Have a great week!


 “It’s alive, it’s alive, when I see it through your eyes.” Bastille (Durban Skies)

Sacred Spaces 349 – Where do birds sleep at night? (Why I do what I do?)

Sacred Spaces 349 – Where do birds sleep at night? (Why I do what I do?)
26 September 2012

Do you ever come out after a movie walking/darting around as if you are the main actor?
It can’t just be me who does that.
I just finished watching The Bourne Legacy… Wow! (Go and watch that movie…its epic!)
I walked back to my car as if someone was watching my every action.  (Just like there was always someone tracking Aaron Cross)
Well, I thought, our lives actually are like that.  There is One that watches over our lives.  He neither slumbers nor sleeps.

Then at home, I stood outside sipping on my coffee gazing up at the night time sky.
The moon, although not full, is bright out tonight.
I spy the glimmering stars.
I hear running water nearby.
I also hear in the distance dogs barking around the various neighbourhoods.
I feel the dew on the grass below my feet.
I note the pink flowers under the light of the moon.
I can smell the foliage around me.
It’s as if I can hear that the earth is breathing.
I feel the earth is alive.
I ponder my own rhythmic breathing.
I am alive.
Lyrics echo in my mind: “Every day is a new day, I am thankful for earth breath, I won’t take it for granted.” (P.O.D)

I then noticed that the birds tonight seemed awfully quiet.  Where is that night jar I usually hear most nights in my new hood?
Then, I wondered: “Where the heck do all the birds sleep at night?”
All those birds I hear and spot every single day, there is loads of birds?
Do they each book a tree?  Or do they perch together?
I don’t really know.
I just mused at the massive extent of things I don’t know.
I then smiled that the One behind it, introduces Himself to me.
He steps into my world.
He makes Himself known.

There is so much to know,
I know a small amount.
I am grateful for the things I have learnt,
And for the things that I will learn…
BUT life is much huger than I am.
God is still so mysterious to me.
And I am okay with that.
I will keep going on and discovering…

I love my God
I love my Jesus for what He has done and who He is in this life and world.
I realise it’s not “my” but ours.
Even though I don’t see it all, or sometimes don’t understand it all
I love that I know with all my heart that God is real

I love people
I love connecting with them
I love seeing how they are set free
Free from their sins
Free from their guilt
Free from stereotypes
Free from “unhealthy restrictions”
I love the fact that God will use me to teach of and show (at times), the abundant life that Jesus invites us to: “I have come that they may have life and life to the full.” (John 10: 10)

I love God’s ideas:
The amazing imagination of human beings.
How authors come up with the most beautiful and amazing stories.
How one can literally sit on the edge of their seat watching an action packed movie.
How beauty stirs something within us.
How I feel so giddy inside when I see the beautiful skylines of clouds and the setting (or rising) sun twirling together.

How songs transport my mind to other times of my life and sceneries.
How I have a memory packed with amazing times and even hard times.
How this little head of mine stores a brain so magnificent.
And it all…
It all is,
God’s idea…

I am alive
This I know
For my heart tells me so
Jesus loves me
This I know
For the bible tells me so
I am grateful
I want You to know
This I tell You so

Sacred Spaces 346 – The 4 Classical Elements (WIND)

Sacred Spaces 346 – The 4 Classical Elements (WIND)
30 August 2012

(I love how ideas come to me.  I was driving back to Durban North from Toti, listening to a song by Glenn Packiam: (Burning in me).  Then I thought of the 4 classical elements: earth, air, fire & water.   So I thought I would write about each one over the next 4 weeks.  Maybe you will find a lesson or encouragement from these musings.)

I am going to write about this classic element: Air using the word: WIND.
I am sitting in this trendy and quirky little coffee shop slash book store called: The Book Boutique, writing this week’s SS.  What a cool place!
Surrounded by words and chapters and pages and shelves and many stories I muse some things:

I sit here seeing the sea in front of me.  The beauty of it makes me smile.
I feel alive, I feel strangely free.
I feel redeemed and forgiven and in a new place.
Spring is approaching and comes with that spirit of newness.
In closed and opened doors- I see that my life is where it’s meant to be.
In trials and hurdles and then to glorious moments, I am glad this is my life.
Through the kindness of a shop worker- reducing the price of a service he did for me.
How I have felt so close to my family; knowing without a doubt of their love and care and respect and support of me to old friends and new friends who have stepped up alongside me… this is my life as Switchfoot sang.
Being at their show a few weeks back, Jon Foreman (the lead singer) spoke into my life’s situation. Uncanny! (I love that word)
The quotes that I receive daily, the one I saw on the notice board earlier.
Seriously, how people have just been so welcoming towards me.
With setting suns and memorable scenes with my brother and the rest of my family and
To a book I finished reading recently.
I feel him close to me.
Being thankful for my health and a moment to stop and count my blessings.
The world-wide massive of friends and family I have.
Remember these words from P.O.D. (came out a few years ago) “Every day is a new day, I am thankful for every breath I take.”
Do you some time feel your life is being watched?  That you are indeed noticed and care for?
Do you ever feel like you belong?  That this world we live in despite the mess is actually a wonderful place filled with every day beauty.
Sometimes things can be upside down.  That’s true.  But I am learning to look and see life with a different perspective, a different set of eyes.
It’s hard to explain, it’s sometimes closer than my skin, and sometimes further than the stars (paraphrase of a Delirious’ song)
Do you feel it?

Maybe you had noticed or maybe you didn’t; I did not mention God or Jesus in this SS, however like this verse suggests:

John 3: 8 “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

Jesus is not insecure.  He doesn’t need his NAME stamped everywhere.  He is there already, even without the “Jesus sticker” like this song by Third Day reminds us:

Like the wind that blows no one really knows
From where it comes or where it goes
So it is with Your Holy Spirit Lord
Falling down on us to show that
You’re everywhere
Like the rain that’s falling
You’re everywhere
Like the wind that’s blowing
You’re everywhere
Like the sun that’s on my face
I feel the warmth in Your embrace
You’re everywhere

My Lord, now I truly know
That I could never go from Your presence (Third Day – You’re Everywhere)

To listen to the song click on this link below and it will magically transport you to a very far away land full of melodies and rhythms (picture me prancing around in my fairy outfit as I right that):


Its blows on my face
It beats in my heart
Sometimes close
Sometimes far
Life is fragile
Life is strong
Held together
By You
On that we can trust