Sacred Spaces 522 – Same old, same old – familiar verses…

I chuckled to myself recently; realizing that so often with these Sacred Spaces, I use the “same old same old” scriptures and that even my themes (topics) seem to be recurring…

I write about the likes of:
– creation
– the nearness of God
– the practical “ness” of the gospel
– not treating Christianity like a market place

and I use:

– Psalm 46: 10
– Acts 17: 28
– Romans 1: 20
– Psalm 118: 24
– John 15

So, I wondered about that.

Maybe there is comfort in the familiarity?
Maybe it’s the simple truth, that God doesn’t change?
Maybe the topics that I cover, are the basics… and people long to go back to basics? Because maybe following Jesus has got so cluttered lately?
Maybe it’s because creation is still the “loudest” (and quietest) sermon?

I’d like to think it’s one of those.

BUT ALSO… I know that I have not yet arrived…IMG_20170122_090603_837.jpg
I still have lots to discover in my faith journey.

And there are still incredible verses (treasures – How is that for Christianeze?) to be found in God’s word.
When last have you and I delved into His word?

(definition of delve: “reach inside a receptacle and search for something.”)


So what do you think about this whole same old same old thing?


Sacred Spaces – A floating axe head & no sound

I came across this verse from Alive to God this morning.  And I have to share it:


From 2 Kings 6.  An unusual encounter.  A great story.  Axe heads don’t float.  But with God, all sorts of things are possible.  Perhaps you are facing a seemingly impossible situation.  Take heart.  God can make axe heads float…

So in your situation – I’m trusting He will come through for you…

On the weekend, I watched some episodes of Suits – Season 5  (study break ;).  Some of the episodes came with “subtitles” – and from that I noted something interesting:

They are there for those views who are deaf.  So in the show when there are the music bits… the subtitles describe the type of music playing:

(upbeat music)
(tense music)
(soulful music)

(I was surprised with some of the descriptions that the series came up with…)

But it got me thinking with gratitude. I am glad I can hear.
I thought further.
There are two types of deaf people. Those born deaf, or those who become deaf because of an accident or something?

I just wondered how life for both of those people must be? Those who could hear in the past. Is there a particular song or sound they’d give anything to hear again?

Those who have never known “music” – wow! Imagine that?

So, this week. Count the blessing of your hearing…

I then came across this piece from Instagram. A different angle to sound and silence:


Sound is a valuable thing.  But “noise” can be too much!

Psalm 4: 4 “Tremble, and do not sin; Meditate in your heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah.”