Sacred Spaces 544 – Freedom and my Football Analogy

In South Africa, today we celebrate Freedom Day!
It’s a day that we as a nation celebrate the first non-racial elections of 27 April 1994. More info HERE

So being the thinker that I am. I thought of one of the scriptures about Freedom that comes to mind. Galatians 5: 1


We are offered this freedom. We are given it. But so often… we revert to our old ways… because enslaved by the yoke of slavery…

Firstly, when last have you thanked God for your freedom?
Secondly, how does your life reflect one that is living free? (Sadly, we can look out at others and even ourselves… and we look like a miserable lot.)
You have been set free!
Thirdly, in what areas of your life… to you keep slipping back into “slavery”?



There is this common misconception a lot of people have about Christianity:
“I don’t want to be a Christian, because it’s full of rules.”

Now let’s focus on football. What are some of the rules?

i) Only 11 players per team on the field.
ii) No off-sides!
iii) No picking up the ball.
iv) No running out of the lines.

These rules don’t take away from the game do they?
Next question:

Does Hazard (or Messi, Salah, Erikson, Ronaldo – you can use any name here) think this when they step on that field: “Oh dear, I have to concentrate on all these rules to play this game properly?”

No they don’t! They’re probably are so thrilled to play the game that they love so much. Football is not about the rules for them. It’s about playing the game!

And same with following God?

I don’t do it because of the rules.
The rules don’t define me.
My relationship with God is what it’s about.
In learning from Jesus.
Trying to reflect His nature as His child…
You know what happens…?
I end up living in the rules anyway.

But my focus is not the rules.
It’s God Himself.

So as a follower of Christ – I am free. I live in that freedom! I’m not bound by crippling rules. In fact, some of the rules… turn out pretty good…

Think about football again…

ALL players would dislike it if one could just pick up the ball and throw it in the goals.
One team of 11 would hate playing against a team of 22.
Etc etc…

The rules add to the quality of the game. Maybe that’s a way of seeing some of the “rules of Christianity” ? How do they give life?

Happy Freedom Day!


Sacred Spaces 526 – The thesis of “like an epic”


This tab has been open for the longest time.
I have wondered how to pen down this installment of sacred spaces.
I have slowed down on writing these scared spaces as you have no doubt observed.
(I wanted to write when I felt I had something to say.)

Sometimes (often) I ask myself why I believe what I believe…
I step outside of myself (in a sense) and look at my belief in God.
Being a Christian.

I’m riddled with so many questions so often.
I’m accompanied with obscure doubt and confusion.

Sometimes faith in God seems almost primitive!
It seems quite bizarre.
The commands of scripture seem so threatening and uninviting.
The ways of the church are far behind.

I don’t know how to put exactly how I feel in words.
I have expressed already how it all seems like a market place. Jesus the product. Church the market place. The pastor, the tactful salesman…

Then we have heard about the many contradictions and the confusion found in the scriptures.
What if this was all made up?

These are the thoughts that I am sure a lot of people have had already…

But in all it’s obscurity the bible is to brilliantly put together to have been made up by an individual or a group of individuals.
Then it comes to countless lives that have been changed for the better from the message of the bible. The God behind those words.

Millions of folk who gather on Sundays and other days… who are convinced that God is who He says He is.

Then I think of all the epic tales that we have come to like.
Frodo on his journey in the Lord of the Rings.
The four kids in Narnia.
Harry Potter and his friends.

These epics inspire us. We want to know what happens. We always believe good will triumph over evil. Light breaks through the darkness.

And just like an epic – requires some faith. So does following God.
We demands to “see then we will believe”…

but the invitation is actually: believe then you will see.

I once heard this analogy. Believe in God is liking tuning into a Song that only some want to listen to.
We can continue to live in a mere three dimensional (3D) world or we can open our minds and hearts to many more dimensions. We can tune into a Song… that is actually so sweet, we don’t want it to end…

So these are my thoughts today… on Independence Day…

Sacred Spaces 488 – Faith


Catherine said to me recently that Christianity / relationship with God is not an intellectual thing or an emotional thing. ┬áIt’s a FAITH thing.

That conversation has not left me over the last few days.
Sometimes following God goes past our intellect and emotions.
Both those are not a good enough foundation.

Because sometimes we may not “feel it”
Or maybe we just “don’t get it”

And that’s okay… because we move from those and start with FAITH.

God says it well in Isaiah 55: “For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.”

Yes, sometimes in following God – we need our ‘heart in it’ (our emotions) – we can’t just be “dry and unexcited” about what God is doing and who He is.

And yes, we need to use our intelligence in discerning and learning in our journey with God.

But emotions have an end.
Intellect too, has an end.

But faith… it cannot be put in a box.