Sacred Spaces 525 – … For this day…

I noted this morning in church when a member was asked to pray for the offering… the gentleman started the prayer with “thank You Lord for this day.”

Now there is nothing wrong with that at all. But in my years in ministry (in the church or out) I’ve noted that people (myself included) when asked to pray out loud: in a service, at a meeting, on a camp or elsewhere…

We pray out that almost automated start: “thank you for this day”

(Am i the only one who has noted that?)

Now there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, i thought past the ‘automation’ of it…

And realised… what a great way. To always start a prayer. To start our every day…

Because each day is a gift. How we take that for granted so often…

This day.
This day that finds you reading this post (perhaps) is a gift.  Are you thankful for it? The very breath we breathe is a gift. All of what we experience daily is a gift. The people in our lives, our work, our victories and challenges, our meals. All of it.

Maybe we need to pause. And say thank You again.

Start off. Carry on in. End off with gratitude.

Thank you dear God for this day. Amen!


Sacred Spaces 485 – Pieces and Pictures

Before we begin… check this rad POST from one of the members of Switchfoot.  I love that band.  So much depth.  You see it in their lyrics.  Check out the blog Tim wrote called: Meet me here at the edge of earth

As if I were a well know photographer, i’d share these pics with some written prose. Hoping to inspire.  In fact, this would be as if you were “peering into my portfolio”



“You make beautiful things, out of us” Gungor

I discovered recently that the Cosmos flowers are alien plants in South Africa.  They orginated from Mexico.

“It is also widespread over the high eastern plains of South Africa, where it was introduced via contaminated horse-feed imported from Argentina during the Anglo-Boer War.” [darn boers, darn horses! hehe ;)]

(Journal Entry) – i cycle past an array of these flowers daily.  They come out this time of the year as summer draws to an end and we welcome Autumn.  These flowers are really pretty.  But they are “aliens” to our land.  But is there is something we learn from that?  Even from the ugliness of the world – beauty can be taken or found.  These flowers don’t belong here.  But we’ll take the beauty.  I then thought of the pollution of Secunda (and Jo-burg). Have you seen the sunsets displayed in those two places?  Breathtaking!  God, can take the “mess” and make beautiful things.  Daily, He paints a beautiful picture at dusk.  My wife and I furthered the discussion last week – ‘even a murderer can give up his seat for an elderly person catching the same bus’. food for thought…



When seeing this picture I thought of this EP – FALL by Jon Foreman. (Fall, being Autumn)

I’m sure one could delve into those few songs and find great lyrics.  If the cover is anything to go by:


Fall, fills us with anticipation.

(Journal Entry) – I am thankful for my ability to see beauty in the smallest of things.  To live with gratitude.  to live with eyes wide open.  To see and notice things around me. ‘I want to live deep and suck all the marrow of life’ Henry David Thoreau.  I use the word “ability” because I believe it is.  we can note that some people around us – live in this constant doom and gloom.  ‘where all the colours add to grey’  one of the awesome things about autumn is the fallen leaves.  have you ever seen a car drive by and all the leaves jump up as if showing a “Mexican wave” to the driver.  when last have you and I picked up leaves and just thrown them in the air?  or when I cycle, I get to ride through those leaves.


“My soul is alive and so are you.” P.O.D

(Journal Entry) I captured this picture in Ladysmith.  My friend and I went for a drive.  He and I were also looking for geocaches and whilst out in the remote surrounding areas, he showed me the farm he grew up on.  And I looked around, i felt so alive within my being. South Africa (for how heartsore it makes many of us) – she does display an incredible beauty.  in the middle of the blue sky of this pic is a scratched white patch.  I dig that.  How instagram makes us “better photographers” (yeah right!)  – thank you God for these beautiful moments.   I realised I didn’t add any scripture references to any of these entries.  Is that okay?  I believe it is.  God speaks… even beyond the bible…

I needed a place to share this GOOD BLOG about the BOMBING IN PAKISTAN – maybe you would like to read it?

Sacred Spaces 371– Being thankful

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Sacred Spaces 371– Being thankful
13 March 2013

Life is about learning, right?
Today, I had a lesson on being grateful.
Seriously, I can be such a brat sometimes and act so ungrateful.
And Jesus, in the ordinary convicts me.
Two life examples that happened to me (but you could think about your own examples in your life):

My mom had bought me some chicken out of care and the goodness of her heart.  My first response was to complain about it being the wrong type of chicken.  Seriously, what a selfish punk I can be?!

I then felt that quiet Spirit inside of me stir: “That’s the response one shouldn’t have.”
I then apologised and expressed gratitude to my mom.

Also prior to this occurrence, I had received post from a friend.  She had kindly sent me a new book; one that has been on the market for only a short while. (Crossroads by William P Young, author of The Shack).

Hands holding a gift box isolated on black background

My first message (bbm) to her was… ‘I got your parcel, but unfortunately I got this book already.’

How ungrateful am I? Shucks!

I learnt two lessons today.  I need to be more grateful for the many kind deeds I experience in my life.  I am also thankful that God speaks to me in that still small voice and I actually hear it, at times.  Thank you, Jesus.

Now, I know I could end this post off with some scripture speaking of “gratitude.”
However, right now, I can’t recall an exact reference.
Yet, I know with conviction, a continuous theme from cover to cover of His word is gratitude.

So in this week, in this year 2013, I am still learning in the school of life.

What do you need to be more grateful for?
How is your attitude?
When last have you said thank you?

Give thanks with
A grateful heart
“Thank you” is more
Than habitual words
Gratitude helps me
Be content

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