Sacred Spaces 525 – … For this day…

I noted this morning in church when a member was asked to pray for the offering… the gentleman started the prayer with “thank You Lord for this day.”

Now there is nothing wrong with that at all. But in my years in ministry (in the church or out) I’ve noted that people (myself included) when asked to pray out loud: in a service, at a meeting, on a camp or elsewhere…

We pray out that almost automated start: “thank you for this day”

(Am i the only one who has noted that?)

Now there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, i thought past the ‘automation’ of it…

And realised… what a great way. To always start a prayer. To start our every day…

Because each day is a gift. How we take that for granted so often…

This day.
This day that finds you reading this post (perhaps) is a gift.  Are you thankful for it? The very breath we breathe is a gift. All of what we experience daily is a gift. The people in our lives, our work, our victories and challenges, our meals. All of it.

Maybe we need to pause. And say thank You again.

Start off. Carry on in. End off with gratitude.

Thank you dear God for this day. Amen!


Sacred Spaces 411 – Journal Entry #?


21 January 2014

 So I am letting your peer over my shoulder as you see some thoughts in my journal.

Some comical, some deep, some random thoughts.  Take them or leave it.

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I heard this lady talk about her mission trip abroad recently.  She mentioned a practice of thanking God for 5 things at the start of the each day.  Wow, that really is something so practical and beneficial to do.  Gives you a greater perspective, facing each day.

Here is what I wrote for today:

 i)          Thank you for the different colour of leaves

ii)         Thank you for my job

iii)         Thank you for inspirational music

iv)        Thank you for this cup of coffee

v)         Thank you for my limbs; that I get to jog and play indoor soccer

 What would yours be?  What five things could you list?


I went to an induction service this morning for the new chaplain at a local school.  A few times, during the service I heard mentioned “Methodist this” or “Methodist that”

To be honest.  I was annoyed by that.  Why are we as Christians so territorial?


Which reminds me of an awesome sermon my minister preached on Sunday.  He spoke of how Jesus invited the disciples; to simply: FOLLOW.

That’s it!

How often we as Christians add a stipulation to that invitation.  We say “Follow what I believe” / “Follow my understanding of this and that.

 We so easily want to throw a belief system on people; when Jesus himself didn’t say; Come and believe.  He said “come and follow”

There is something far less invasive and presumptuous about that invite.  Would you agree?

 Because in FOLLOWING Jesus, in time our belief of Him, will be birthed anyway…


Back to the school: It was beautiful to hear the entire boy’s school belting (singing really loudly and enthusiastically) it out as we sang hymns accompanied by a pipe organ!  Wow!

So there are some of my thoughts.  Care to share what you have been thinking about over the last few days?

 Have a great week!


 “It’s alive, it’s alive, when I see it through your eyes.” Bastille (Durban Skies)

Sacred Spaces 371– Being thankful

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Sacred Spaces 371– Being thankful
13 March 2013

Life is about learning, right?
Today, I had a lesson on being grateful.
Seriously, I can be such a brat sometimes and act so ungrateful.
And Jesus, in the ordinary convicts me.
Two life examples that happened to me (but you could think about your own examples in your life):

My mom had bought me some chicken out of care and the goodness of her heart.  My first response was to complain about it being the wrong type of chicken.  Seriously, what a selfish punk I can be?!

I then felt that quiet Spirit inside of me stir: “That’s the response one shouldn’t have.”
I then apologised and expressed gratitude to my mom.

Also prior to this occurrence, I had received post from a friend.  She had kindly sent me a new book; one that has been on the market for only a short while. (Crossroads by William P Young, author of The Shack).

Hands holding a gift box isolated on black background

My first message (bbm) to her was… ‘I got your parcel, but unfortunately I got this book already.’

How ungrateful am I? Shucks!

I learnt two lessons today.  I need to be more grateful for the many kind deeds I experience in my life.  I am also thankful that God speaks to me in that still small voice and I actually hear it, at times.  Thank you, Jesus.

Now, I know I could end this post off with some scripture speaking of “gratitude.”
However, right now, I can’t recall an exact reference.
Yet, I know with conviction, a continuous theme from cover to cover of His word is gratitude.

So in this week, in this year 2013, I am still learning in the school of life.

What do you need to be more grateful for?
How is your attitude?
When last have you said thank you?

Give thanks with
A grateful heart
“Thank you” is more
Than habitual words
Gratitude helps me
Be content

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