Sacred Spaces 536 – Hiding in His Word

This morning, I had this thought: I just want to sit here with God’s word.


It’s not like I didn’t want to go outside and deal with life.
I really, for a moment, just sensed His presence in a more real way.

Because sometimes, we sift through the scriptures like it’s a text book.

But then there are times… when we can

Soak in the pages.
Stay awhile among the words.
Pray and read and listen.
Believe in the mystery. (Scripture is not just printed text.)

It’s God breathed!
It’s sharper than double edged sword, cutting to the marrow!

The cynical will be dubious – but the child of God will approach with wonder.
The cynical will put up walls – but the child of God will realise, the Word is not an ordinary library book.

We have asked over the ages; how do we get to know God?

He left us with a great starting place: His scriptures.


Sacred Spaces 522 – Same old, same old – familiar verses…

I chuckled to myself recently; realizing that so often with these Sacred Spaces, I use the “same old same old” scriptures and that even my themes (topics) seem to be recurring…

I write about the likes of:
– creation
– the nearness of God
– the practical “ness” of the gospel
– not treating Christianity like a market place

and I use:

– Psalm 46: 10
– Acts 17: 28
– Romans 1: 20
– Psalm 118: 24
– John 15

So, I wondered about that.

Maybe there is comfort in the familiarity?
Maybe it’s the simple truth, that God doesn’t change?
Maybe the topics that I cover, are the basics… and people long to go back to basics? Because maybe following Jesus has got so cluttered lately?
Maybe it’s because creation is still the “loudest” (and quietest) sermon?

I’d like to think it’s one of those.

BUT ALSO… I know that I have not yet arrived…IMG_20170122_090603_837.jpg
I still have lots to discover in my faith journey.

And there are still incredible verses (treasures – How is that for Christianeze?) to be found in God’s word.
When last have you and I delved into His word?

(definition of delve: “reach inside a receptacle and search for something.”)


So what do you think about this whole same old same old thing?