Sacred Spaces 519 – A prose among the grapes.

The Vine
Will you remain in Me?
I won’t let you go.
A relationship with Me is about connection.
Connect the dots of your with My pencil.
I am writing a beautiful story over your life.

The Gardener
These rugged hands that tend to you.
Are the same ones that hold the stars in place.
That were outstretched on a cross.
I will lift you up.
You will be secure in My hands no matter what the season.
I know what I am doing. Trust Me.

The Branch
I would be foolish to think i am alone.
I would be like sour grapes apart from You.
I falter at times.
Be patient with me.
I’m still holding on.

And i can’t wait for the day we get to sip on wine together.
I’ll gladly do the pouring…